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Do you want an overview of the essential activities to do when you come to Aube? Want to know the best addresses? Consult this agenda and choose what you want to do.

Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul


Rouen and Troyes are the two most important French cities for the history of stained glass. The Trojan Cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul holds a special place here. Its magnificent  high windows   arrive almost intact from past centuries, as well as certain stained glass windows in the aisles, including the famous _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-58d_pressoir mystique  by Linard Gontier.

Apothecary of the Hotel-Dieu


Within the Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte, the pharmacy, or apothecary, was created during the reconstruction of the hospital in the early 18th century. It remains in its original state, with its oak paneling, Louis XIV style, its shelves loaded with pharmaceutical earthenware, medicinal boxes, glassware and various instruments.

This apothecary is considered one of the most beautiful in France. Its many shelves are lined with rare pillboxes and albarelli from the 16th century. , pots-cannons and chevrettes in earthenware from Nevers, which once contained ointments, pills and other remedies.

The champagne route


Winding between vineyards and hillsides, the Champagne Tourist Route makes you discover the wine-growing riches of the Marne.
Enter the vineyards to breathe in the scents of sap... Push open the doors of the cellars
meet the winegrowers and share their passion during a meeting.

Factory outlets


At first reserved for factory personnel, they gradually opened up to the general public.

Today, the notoriety of the "Factory Stores", and the know-how of the industrialists of our department is well established. Thousands of visitors from all regions flock to our city to make excellent deals: the reductions offered vary between 30 and 70%, and it is estimated that nearly three million per year, the number of visitors to these stores.

Tool Museum 

Inaugurated in 1974, the House of Tools and Workers' Thought, named according to the wishes of P. Feller, exhibits in this superb setting of the Hôtel de Mauroy an incredible collection of more than 10,000 objects and tools used in the traditional trades.
The museum presents their use and their symbolism, marvels of stone, wood, iron, glass, designed and shaped by creators and craftsmen of great knowledge.

Champagne fairs


It is in the tissu urbain  mainly that we find the memory of the time of the great fairs of Champagne, which were held in Champagne the city of Troyes on Saint Jean (July 9/15) and Saint Remi (November 1 or 2). Tangled streets, squares or closed courtyards give an idea of the city at this time.

Some street names that have not changed since the Middle Ages  would even be quite familiar to merchants of the time, such as: "la rue de la Montée des Changes", "la rue Champeaux", "la rue de la Pierre", or "la rue des Anciennes Tanneries". Similarly, merchants would undoubtedly recognize the silhouette of the Trojan houses rebuilt in the 16th century. identically with their corbelled roof, their mullioned windows without forgetting the timber framing and cob ; materials commonly used in the medieval architecture of Champagne.

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