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Charles-Jacques de Fadate de Saint-Georges



      Son of Jacques de Fadate de Saint-Georges, mestre-de-camp of the cavalry before the Revolution, then field marshal in the army of Condé, Charles-Jacques de Fadate was a member of the hospital commission of the city of Troyes major of the national guard in 1814. He obtained from the allied staff the evacuation of most of the foreign troops, and answered from the city on its head.

      Mayor of Troyes from 1816 to 1826, he was elected deputy for Aube March 18, 26.

  He was appointed Prefect of Côtes-du-Nord by royal decree in 1827. Revolution of July 1830. He then resigned and returned to private life.



     Décès : 8 juillet 1854 (à 75 ans) Lirey



      Officer of the Legion of Honor

(source Wikipedia)

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